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CLUTCH in motion (the need for speed)

BY: | August 27, 2010

CLUTCH is a new character that i thought would make an appropriate post this week. Here in Indianapolis, the MotoGP races are going over at the speedway this weekend.

a bit of backstory:

Clutch has never won a race, he is still looking for that elusive victory, any victory for that matter. He will race anything, a tree, a barn, his shadow, you name it he’ll race it and no matter how hard he tries he still manages to loose.

this is a shot of the 1:9 scale model of the Norton bike that i assembled and ‘modified’ along with an initial sketch of Clutch scaled to the size of the bike.

here is a schematic of Clutch with notes on his costume and gear

the final shot with his ‘mark’

it was a bear getting the image to have speed (that’s where a cordless drill and a hairdryer came in handy)

here is a film of the set in action.