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Illustrations about Health, Food, Education

BY: | October 24, 2010

Here are some illustrations I created for MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL STUDIES AND PROGRAMS. I really loved working on this project.

Thanks Jennifer :)

Art Director: Weaver Design

Cover Illustration

FOOD - “Economics and politics for instance. Addressing these challenges takes a multi-disciplinary approach and new forms of institutional and public-private sector partnerships”

GLOBAL HEALTH – “An outbreak overseas can reach michigan in days, and public health crises abroad can lead to wide spread suffering, conflict and economic decline locally and globally”

A GLOBAL EDUCATION – “Whether studying abroad or working and learning among a diverse student population”

ENVIRONMENT - “We think it’s clear that the largest single contributor to the changes in climate that we’ve seen over the last century, particularly the last 20 years, is the release of greenhouse gases. Science needs to be providing the information to people – 35 governments, private companies, non-profits — so that they are able to take well-informed actions”

EDUCATION - “The college of education recognizes that classrooms and other school settings, like larger society, are increasingly diverse. Future educational professionals need to be prepared to live, work and succeed in an environment that is global in nature”

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