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Blowing Smoke: legislatively speaking

BY: | October 20, 2011

this project for the October cover of The Progressive focused on the unseen, inter-workings of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual conference”How corporations hook up with your state legislators”

the art director, Nick Jehlen, told me that there were two ways that this piece could be approached. one was to focus on the fact that there is a heavy ‘being’ that controls how some legislators write particular legislation. sort of a master and puppet relationship. the other approach could be that the conference is described as a dating service that ‘connects’ corporations with legislators that can fit their needs.

here are the roughs i proposed:

Nick was drawn to the fourth idea, and it was the chosen one.

i think they look like they were meant to be together. i like how they both have one hand in their pocket. and the guy’s pinky finger sticking out, those details give me a kick!

thanks to Nick Jehlen for a delightfully dark and humorous subject.

**also, there is an interview with musician and activist Steve Earle in this issue.

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