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The Right Way To Run With Scissors

BY: | October 25, 2011

Working for the formidable Creative Director SooJin Chun Buzelli of PlanSponsor magazine is always a pleasure. She has an amazing way of cutting through the muck and putting the heart of the content into a one or two line synopsis and asking the illustrator to do what they to best.

this particular article is about asking retirement industry professionals to look at “10 things your are (probably) doing wrong”

the piece was running on the cover and also being used on an interior spread, so i wanted to see if there was a way to do a bit of a reveal, where the spread unveils a bit more information then the covers allows.

here were the initial concepts:

these fellas are just plain wrong, my intention was that they made the number 10 but SooJin thought it best that these ‘gentlemen’ not be on the cover, completely understandable.

i know the empty pool concept isnt original, but i was drawn to the composition along with the confident and relaxed expression on the diver’s face.

this guy needs no explanation. this was the concept that was picked, but he looked to be skipping instead of running which of course is a bit more dangerous, so these sketches came next.

the 3″ scissors were custom built out of copper scrap:

Thanks to SooJin for a sharp project.