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Greenfield and the elusive Interurban?

BY: | November 7, 2011

Not long after Bob Hunt of the Hancock County Arts and Cultural Council asked me to consider creating an image for a downtown mural on our humble Main Street, I recalled the historical recollections and photos of the Interurban Rail that used to run right by that location. Starting up in 1899 the Interurban Rail Line ran right down the center of Main Street and was the ‘rapid transit’ compared to the common horse and buggy of the day. With the wide horizontal format of the space, it seemed like a perfect fit to be able to see an almost full scale interurban car on Main Street 70 years after the last one ran in Indiana.

My goal was to have the mural honor the innovative past of Indiana and Greenfield, encouraging the community to ‘tip their hat’ to the past but also look forward to the future and the possibilities of where Greenfield can go.
There will be a public dedication at 2 West Main St on Saturday November 12, at 10am where the model used in the mural image will also be on display.

Special thanks to Nathan Bilger for his knowledge and guidance in gathering historical and pictorial reference for this mural.

here are some behind the scenes images of the project:



the build:

chipboard, wood, old bearings, old screen door hinges:

more wood, old springs, wire:

first coat of paint:

final coat of paint, patina, grime, chrome railings, bits of found objects for details

on set:

the final:

on location: 36′ wide!