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Its All About The Light

BY: | January 9, 2012

anyone who has dared to ascend the 13 creaky steps into the studio knows how unorganized and dusty this place is. i am not saying that its a bad thing, its just i am not the neatest illustrator out there. When i received a call from the organized and meticulous Creative Director SooJin Buzelli of Asset International to create an illustration for an upcoming survey on how Plan Advisers run their practices, i was a little stumped at first on how to best visually solve this one.

here are the four sketches i submitted, based on the theme of sorting complicated data:

we decided that the librarian on stilts was the best choice.

(honesty, looking back, i am not sure why i thought the basketball players would have worked very well…)


with this piece it came down to the light. getting that light to stream in at the right density and angle almost drove me nuts, but it finally worked out. it is the little things like that, that keep me fired up about what i get to do everyday.

and how it appears in the layout:


  • SooJin

    “organized and meticulous” Ha! tea just came out of my nose! Loved working with you. Hope to do it soon:)