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Machines make it easier

BY: | March 6, 2012

I have been asked to create the website mastheads for Deliver Magazine for 2012. All in all, there will be four total.

This is the process for the current masthead. the goal of the project is to create a header image that embodies what Deliver can facilitate in the relationship between marketers and consumers. In this case, Deliver is the machine that utilizes many aspects of communication to help you best reach your customers.

Here is the thumbnail and refined sketch for the piece.

These are the junk boxes that I begin to source my materials from.

roughing out heads and sorting gears over a ‘actual size’ print out of sketch

machine starts to take shape. including everything from typewriter parts to dishwasher parts

the receiving end of the machine

assembling the heart of the machine with the deliver masthead


washing in the type

refining the heads and sourcing fabric

adding color to the type, late friday…. feeling good.

the weekend leads to waking up in night with cold sweat about how the masthead is too disjointed from the machine and doubting all my decisions up to this point…
this is my monday morning rush to redesign the masthead section of the machine to give it more of a unified look and create a better ‘heart’ to the machine.

here is how the final illustration works in the website setting. Follow this link to see it live Deliver Magazine .

I am looking forward to continuing on this series.

  • Sweightstreet

    So unbelievably awesome. Words can’t describe.

  • Jens Kristian Balle

    This is amazing, great job!!