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Less Is More

BY: | April 20, 2012

I was delighted to get the opportunity to work with the always cheerful and positive Art Director April Montgomery at Computerworld. This piece dealt with technological issues that travel eons beyond my technological limitation, so it was a good challenge to find a way to illustrate Holistic Virtualization. Keywords from the creative brief included meditation, manipulating virtual technology, all-inclusive, organizing and streamlining.

here are the roughs:

and being that the cover was going to run again on the interior, we thought it would be nice have the spectrum flow  across the gutter and above the text.

these were April’s initial rough layouts with the sketches

here is a progress shot of the figure

and my attempts at inking the spectrum lines…


there is something very meditative about the simplicity of pigment, water, bristles and paper.

the sound of the brush drawing over the paper, wonderful.

once the final shot was taken on set, the ink work was scanned in and then layered over the photo.

the backdrops were the backsides of an old roll of bathroom wallpaper, it had a beautiful, soft, off-white color.

and here is where April worked her magic and made everything ‘flow’.