The Artalog and theartalog.com represent a joint creative effort launched by Magnet Reps and Frank Sturges Reps. Designed to showcase the work of the illustrators in both agencies, The Artalog has evolved in a short time into what we hope is an innovative visual resource for those who seek out (or just admire) the top talent in today’s illustration marketplace.

The 2008 launch edition of the print magazine was mailed to art directors, designers, art buyers and press in the fall of 2007 with spreads showcasing illustrators’ work and articles discussing trends, news and awards. The 2009 and 2010 print editions followed, maintaining a circulation of 10,000 copies per issue. As demand increased, we decided the website had become a necessary extension of the print edition. While the magazine is prepared by the two agencies, online content is uploaded by the reps and all 34 illustrators (including some that have not yet appeared in magazine), making the online content an entertaining and ‘of the moment’ resource for the happenings of everyone in both groups.

With illustrators from 19 cities in 11 countries, theartalog.com really does provide more than a snapshot into the lives and musings of many of the industry’s most successful illustrators. Regulars questions about where to find the illustrator’s artwork in galleries has prompted a central destination for upcoming shows, but if you are as captivated with illustration as we are, we think you’ll find inspiration in more than the gallery listings.

The Artalog has caught the attention of creatives beyond North America, as the months pass we see exciting assignments come in from a growing number of countries. Take a look at where we’ve been working lately -

We hope you look forward to reading both the print and online editions as much as we love writing (and reading) them!