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Pay WiFi at Hotels for The Globe & Mail

BY: | June 30, 2010

An illustration for an article in todays Globe & Mail on hotels charging guests extra for wireless internet during their stays.

New York Times

BY: | June 30, 2010

Here is
a quick and fun little job I did that’s out in today’s New York Times.

The Walrus Magazine/ Michael Cera

BY: | June 16, 2010

Here’s a little something I did for the most recent issue of The Walrus Magazine, a Canadian monthly that for the last few years has been elegantly scrapping (think sword cane) its way through some tough years in magazine publishing. They have always been great patrons of illustration and photography by artists from Canada and around the world.

They took my hobby of drawing Michael Cera in his underwear and turned it into legitimate editorial content.

Thank you Walrus folk!

Please Quatchi Don’t Hurt ‘Em

BY: | March 3, 2010

Before the Winter Olympics are completely faded from our collective memory, please let me share with you this tabloid-style exposé of  the mascots done for Esquire Magazine.


BY: | March 3, 2010

For several months now I’ve had the pleasure of arting United Airlines’ Hemispheres in flight magazines regular column, Dispatches, which details cool and peculiar travel destinations and events from around the world.   If you happen to be on a United flight sometime soon,  consider pulling off your shoes and socks, flopping your tired dogs across the lap of your seatrow mate and treating yourself to some illustrated travel curiosities.

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