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Oh, the Humanity

theatre poster

circle show

i am delighted to be part of the exhibit: Circle of Champions at Primary Gallery in Fountain Square.

the show is a gathering of past champs of Art vs. Art. if you are not familiar with the annual Indianapolis event Art vs. Art, you should check it out here. Notorious from coast to coast, a painting contest with a twist. Artists have just four hours to paint with provided materials. Audiences determine the winner, but beware the Wheel of Death.
although no work will be destroyed at this show, there should be quite a knock out of work on display from the 6 artists. i heard tell of one piece that weighs in a 600 lbs….

Join us this Friday, First Friday, August 5 from 6-11 p.m., at the Primary Gallery in the Murphy Arts Center, Studio 217.

hope to see you there.

RedNoseStudio.com has been updated

updated work and an old school panoramic view of the studio on the contact page.
studio panoramic

Columbia Magazine

Three illustrations I did for an article about the late Manning Marable in Columbia University’s magazine. It was a great time working with Eson Chan and I even got to do a little drawing.

Short film DVD cover

The DVD cover for the short film “Roachfar” by Enity Films.

AIGA Austin DESIGN RANCH : stop-motion workshop

i was not sure what i was in for as i traveled into Hunt, TX for the 2011 AIGA Austin Design Ranch…

i was charged with leading one of the many amazing workshops that packed the 3 day conference.

This isn’t one of those conferences: No slide presentations, no lectures—just small groups (20 or less) gathering up close and personal with workshop leaders. It’s about putting down your mouse, getting your hands dirty and reviving your creative spirit.

my workshop allowed participants to try their hands at stop-motion animation. it is geared at showing the basic/ bare bones technique behind stop-motion. no after effects, no fancy editing, just move a little bit, click, move a little bit, click, repeat, repeat, repeat…..

there are no storylines or storyboards to follow, each group of 20 is broken into 8 groups 2-3 participants then each mini group is assigned to an object and it is up to them to figure out how to animate their object simultaniously with other groups in the workshop. each following workshop had to start off from where the previous workshop had ended, this allowed all three workshops to create an exquisite corpse type of animation.

this 1 minute film is a compilation of all three workshops totaling about 6-7 man hours of animation

what an amazing conference! if you ever have a chance to attend, do it! if you are ever asked to lead a workshop there, do it!

here are some shots from the workshops and the ranch:

here is a shot of the me with the wonderfully crazy Kelly Stevens and the goat that Kelly won in a fierce silent auction bout on the final night of the conference.

for an official round up of the conference check out Matthew Porter’s musings at Against the Grain

good cause

illustration for family finance section of THE NATIONAL POST about a compassionate couple that financially support refugees but remain unsure where to invest the rest of their fortune

social network

An article for PENN GAZETTE magazine about the rapid development and popularity of online social networks at Penn University

down and dirty

for the April cover of Angie’s List magazine, their annual Green issue, the theme was about the harm of run-off from yard chemicals, house cleaning detergents and the like. this piece marks my first attempt of shooting on location, i was hesitant to submit the sketch because i wasnt sure if i could pull it off, but ultimately the concept was stronger than my fear and i knew if the concept was strong i could pull it off one way or another.

then i realized this piece was going to have to be finished by mid February . January and February in Indiana isnt ideal for shooting outdoors especially for a piece that was going to run in the spring. so i built the character ahead of time (thanks to the art dept at Angie’s List for working far enough in advance to give me that luxury of time) and waited and waited for the weather to break.

here is a rough test shot the first week of Jan, before the character was finished, but by that evening we had a several inches of snow, bitter cold and i was out of luck…

by the end of Jan we had a break, it was sunday. i had to remove a couple inches of snow and roadside sludge to get to the stormdrain and fluff up what grass was still surviving under the snow. the weather was clear but in the low 30′s, that was warm compared to the normal single digit tempuratures.

the next hurdle was the road, naturally the storm drain was on the side of a road, and having cars, big rigs and livestock trailers buzzing by at 30+mph was a bit scary. because of the low angle i couldnt use the tripod, the camera had to be held by hand with me lying in the road.

here is the final result

as it appears on the current issue of Angie’s List Magazine

special thanks to Wyatt Thornburg for assistance on this shoot.