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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Mark Allen Miller Profile

Mark lives and works in a little home in Southern California with his lovely wife Karen, their amazing son Henry and their three giant [...]

Gina Triplett Profile

Gina Triplett grew up in rural Minnesota, surrounded by fields, woods and corn. An early penchant for telling stories to her many younger siblings [...]

Walter Vasconcelos Profile

My name is Walter Vasconcelos, I am an illustrator and designer. I live in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.In the last years, I have [...]

Rich Lillash Profile

  ¬†Rich graduated from The Columbus College of Art & Design, with a degree in illustration and fine art, he’s been pursuing both ever [...]

Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz/Poland, have a spot for old fashioned cartoons, especially East European Styles. In the 90s he studied Graphic Arts in [...]

David Hollenbach Profile

David’s work has appeared in publications such as: Sports Illustrated, Time Asia, Forbes & Business Week. He has unique approached has also been utilized [...]

Jessica Hische Profile

Jessica Hische is a typographer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Tyler School of Art with a degree in Graphic [...]

The Heads of State Profile

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have been working together in one form or another since 2002. After graduating Tyler School of Art’s militant design [...]

Gina & Matt Profile

Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius have shared a studio for over 10 years. At some point, talking about paintings while sharing coffee led to talking [...]

Graham Roumieu Profile

Graham lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His signature linework and off-beat wit has appeared in advertising, magazines, newspapers, online, animation and character development. [...]